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     Chef/Owner Lee Frank has been cooking and living on the Seacoast since 2005. Originally from the West Coast, growing up in LA, he moved to San Francisco to start cooking in 1997. Being fortunate enough to spend time in many kitchens, it was the famous Lark Creek Inn, owned by Chef Bradley Ogden, where he really started to cut his chops. Working his way up to Sous Chef by age 25, Lee was presented with an opportunity to move to the East Coast.


     Taking over Bonta Restaurant in Hampton, NH Chef Lee started to familiarize himself with the Seacoast lifestyle and amazing ingredients readily available. After three years of being Executive Chef at Bonta, Lee found himself looking for a new place to call home. After a brief stint in Portsmouth at Brazo, he moved onto MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, ME, working for well known Chefs Clark Fraiser and Mark Gaier. Taking the helm of this very busy kitchen and given the opportunity to travel, was an amazing learning experience. This position evolved into leading the kitchen at nationally acclaimed Arrows Restaurant as the Executive Chef. It is here where Chef Lee was able to execute fine food, but also focus on the details that it takes to operate a restaurant. After celebrating Arrows' 25th year and having the opportunity to cook for many legendary chefs, Arrows closed and that is when the opportunity to take over Anneke Jans presented itself.


     As Executive Chef of Anneke Jans, Lee once again was afforded the opportunity to learn, push himself, and educate staff in every aspect of running a restaurant. With a close relationship with owner Jason Canty, the ins and outs of running a business were learned. The opportunity to run a restaurant himself came to fruition when the owners of the Inn by the Bandstand reached out. Lee Frank is looking forward to usiing his 20 years of experience to bring you his vision, Otis. Restaurant.

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